For a while now, ever since the one-night only potluck restaurant that Dylan Gauthier and I – as Red76 – organized after Hurricane Sandy helped resurrect and reimagine Sunview Luncheonette, I’ve been fixated on “crisis logic” and its habits. But it wasn’t until this spring that I came upon a suitable enough analog to that logic for me to really write about it. I still don’t know exactly how this is supposed to take shape. But, rather than writing a long essay, or think about it as a book, with all its calls for beginnings and ends, I’ve decided to simply get going. I’ll be intermittently releasing these “letters” around the theme of Crisis Logic & the Reader for a while to come. I’ve already got more written, which will come out soon. And, as I think we may have plenty of source material ahead of us who knows when this might end.  – Sam