Sun, Jan. 28, 2018 ⁄ 2:00–3:30pm

A Conversation w/ DeeDee Halleck and Marisa Holmes


The Municipalist Research Group is bringing two influential media activists who have been part of radical and direct democracy movements: DeeDee Halleck (founder of Paper Tiger Television, Deep Dish Satellite Network and Democracy Now! TV) and Marisa Holmes (Occupy & Strike Debt). DeeDee and Marisa will join us in conversation about their work, including topics ranging from media politics in the age of Trump, feminism, public access, radical media, DIY aesthetics and more…

About the group: we’ve been organizing meetings, reading and research activities to collectively learn about and examine ideas around municipalism. Basically, municipalism asks questions about how to organize ourselves democratically outside of currently existing forms of institutional representation; and how to build transformative kinds of assembly and decision-making that rely on the broadest democratic base. So far, we’ve arranged readings and talks with and about Alan Moore, activists with Barcelona en Comu, Michael Hardt, Kathy Weeks, and others and there’s much more to come.

Slowly… W RL/FR is coming into view. Micro-Radio! Stop in and start a program of your own.

Much thanks, as always, to John Kim and Mark Borrello for their help. And to Marlon James for sitting and critiquing our work.

Tonight we had the first slow roll into Assembly life. It was gentle and beautiful. Thank you to all who converged.

Friends, Humans: It’s official Wooden Leg Print & Press 0001 is released today. And who better to begin this journey with than John Saint Pelvyn (aka to the people on the street as Steven Matheson). This first release, Five Years Inside the Sun, was recorded on Wellfleet, MA. in collaboration with Ka Baird (Spires That in the Sunset Rise), with additional help from Camilla Padgitt-Coles. Our buddy, Jenny Schmid, produced an amazing illustration that serves as a beautiful fold-out cover, concealing radiant translucent gold vinyl.

Steven’s music has been a low hum of joy, and an exhilarating balm in tough times and beautiful moments alike. You can pick up your copy from the BR shop, or at Revolver. Check it out!!…/five-years-inside-the-sun/

We’re at Assembly, assembling, piece by piece. And we take our fucking time to do it right.